About Us

"We guarantee our work and focus on quality and value in our products. We genuinely strive to provide memorials that are meaningful to you and your loved ones." - Dick Stever

Mayes Memorials is a family-owned and operated memorial company that has been providing memorial and monument services to the State College community for more than a century. 

At Mayes, we believe every memorial should be a unique and lasting tribute to the life of a treasured loved one. Our mission is to serve with compassion and provide the best quality and service possible. From design to production and installation, we guide customers through a difficult journey to ensure they can tell their loved one’s story and honor their memory.  

Trusted for more than a century, we specialize in the design, production, and installation of custom memorials. We offer a wide range of monuments, including headstones, grave markers, mausoleums, statues, benches, and more. We also restore, repair, and modify existing memorials through expert methods and custom sandblasting.

Our family is here to help your family. Call us to learn how we can meet your family’s immediate or future needs.

Dick Stever

  • Owner
  • Senior Memorial Counselor
  • Pre-need Counselor
  • 35+ Years Design Experience

Leslie Hammond

  • Office Manager
  • Senior Memorial Counselor
  • Pre-need Counselor

Rich Stever

  • Design Specialist
  • Cad Designer
  • Sand Blaster
  • Lettering Specialist

Chip Rimmey

  • Field Manager
  • Installation Specialist
  • Repair and Restoration Tech